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Boni’s Brown Rice Tea – Golden drink to lose weight – Vi


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    Boni’s Brown rice tea is one of the best seller products from Lee Organic

    Why should you use Boni’s brown rice tea?

    Black bean brown rice tea is a low-calorie drink. So it helps the body to limit fat absorption. And when combined with exercise, it will burn calories quickly.
    In addition, it also helps the skin control water and oil. Therefore it makes skin healthier.
    Brown rice tea with black beans and green beans in  Boni’s heart 500g using roasted black bean green rice tea with Lee Organic brand is a trend that many people choose as a safe and effective way to lose weight.
    Dragon blood brown rice, green black beans with small seeds, red beans, chrysanthemums, lotus leaves, jasmine flowers, replacing white rice with brown rice will help you reduce the risk of diabetes.
    Blood sugar control effects will be even faster if you drink brown rice tea between meals every day and detox your liver with brown rice
    Every day, you should use about 1 liter of black bean brown rice tea, drinking when thirsty at any time. You also combine with a reasonable exercise regimen to get a balanced body and healthy skin.
    People with diabetes who drink black bean brown rice tea can reduce blood glucose levels and improve insulin synthesis.
    Black bean brown rice tea has the effect of curing gout, rheumatism of the elderly. Helps the body not feel sluggish or tired.
    Not only that, maintaining the habit of drinking brown rice tea will help your skin naturally rosy, bright and beautiful without spending a lot of money.
    In Eastern medicine, black bean brown rice tea has the effect of toning the brain, nourishing the five organs and regulating yin and yang in the body.
    In particular, brown rice tea contains many vitamins and minerals that provide energy for the body, so those who are in a weight loss regime will be suitable to drink.

    Ingredients 100% organic:

    Dragon blood brown rice, black beans, celastrus hindsii, lotus seeds, jasmine flowers.

    1. Roasted dragon blood brown rice

    It is a particular good rice choice for diabetes, weight-loss diet, obese people. Roasted black dragon rice has the following effects:
    – Lower cholesterol naturally and reducing the lipid level in your blood
    – Prevents cardiovascular diseases
    – Well control weight and prevent obesity
    – Improve digestion naturally
    – Control of blood sugar
    – Prevents the risk of gallstones


    2. Roasted black beans

    Using black beans regularly and properly is the best way to purify, detoxify your body, and fight depression. Improving digestion, cardiovascular health, curing diabetes, slowing aging, preventing cancer…


    3. Celastrus hindsii

    The main effect is antioxidant, preventing and supporting cancer treatment, liver diseases such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver, protecting cells, enhancing resistance, cooling liver, helps the body to purify, eliminate toxins, circulate blood, burn fat ..

    4. Lotus seed

    Effective anti-inflammatory. Treatment of insomnia naturally. Beautifying your skin. Reserve the aging process. Reduce high blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Improve the digestive system. Protect the urinary tract.

    5. Jasmine

    Stress-relieving, lower blood cholesterol and sugar, prevents the risk of cold and flu, supports weight loss. Regulates blood circulation.


    – Eliminate excess fat, belly fat, effectively lose weight
    – Eliminate toxins, purify the liver, reduce acne and smooth skin
    – Hydrate the body and moisturize the skin
    – Good for female hormones
    – Support people with cardiovascular diseases, blood fats, diabetes …
    – Prevention of cancer

    How to use:

    Take 1 tea bag into a pot and mix it with 1-1.5 liters of boiling water. Incubate the tea for 40 minutes for all the essence. Use throughout the day instead of filtered water. Great to drink hot or keep in the fridge.
    For weight loss, fat loss, you should drink 1 cup of tea before 3 main meals about 25-30 minutes. Consistently applied for 1 month, the amount of body fat will be significantly reduced.