Golden Gout Milk


Brand AZ Health Care
FDA 18585642230
Ingredients Colostrum; IgG antibodies; Soluble fiber; Omega 3.6; Calcium; 28 Vitamins & Minerals.
Product Benefits Lower uric acid levels
Age Range (Description) Adult
Weight 200g
Item form Powder
Manufacturer USA


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    This product is NOT a medicine, it is not a substitute for medicine.

    🔸 Golden Gout is the perfect choice for those who:

    People with Gout. People with lack of nutrients, the body is debilitated due to abstain from slitting when having gout.

    People with liver and kidney problems. 📌📌 Note only use milk for people 18 years and older. ✅ Expiration date: 24 months

    🔸 The main ingredients of Golden Gout colostrum include Colostrum; IgG antibodies; Soluble fiber; Omega 3.6; Calcium; 28 Vitamins & Minerals.

    * Vitamins and minerals help supplement essential nutrients for the body, support enhancing the detoxification of the liver and kidneys, and avoid metabolic disorders affecting the process. Eliminate uric acid. From there, it helps people with good appetite, good sleep, and reduce fatigue. This is very important because people with Gout often have to diet, so they must limit the amount of food tolerant to the body.

    * Natural calcium and Vitamin K1 help strengthen bones, reduce the frequency of joint pain caused by Gout effectively. Hmb nutrients in milk also help protect and regenerate muscle mass, prevent muscle loss caused by aging.

    👌 With the above ingredients and uses, Golden Gout Colostrum is a complete and balanced nutritional solution for Gout patients.

    🔸 Uses:

    – Helps maintain uric acid levels in a stable state: Lower uric acid levels, improve this index in the body.

    – – Reduces pain caused by Gout. – – Reduces the frequency of gout pain.

    – – Support to strengthen resistance for the elderly, reduce drowsiness, minor illnesses.

    – – – Make movement and travel more flexible, easier.

    – – Improve heart, liver and kidney function.

    – Eliminate worries on Gout patients: Regular pain, tired body, difficulty eating, difficulty sleeping, restless at night (Gout pain at night).

    – Supplement nutrients with low purin content when people with gout have to abstain from poor diet.

    🔸 User manual

    Step 1: Mix 5 scoops, equivalent to 50g of powder (use the manufacturer’s spoon) with 200ml of boiling water (40-60°C).

    Step 2: Stir well to dissolve the powder and use immediately. Use 2 cups per day.

    📌📌📌 Note when using Golden Gout colostrum

    – Need to combine a low-fat and low- cholesterol diet.

    – – Limit the consumption of protein-rich foods, containing purin filling: Red meat, seafood.

    – – During the mixing process, do not use too hot water, causing the destruction of essential nutrients in milk or cold water, it will make it difficult for milk to dissolve, not drink well.

    – – After mixing, drink immediately, drink up to sufficient amount and avoid waste.