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Lose Weight Effortlessly with These 6 Home-Based Solutions

The ways to lose weight at home are simple but highly effective and safe for your health, you can refer to the following.

Beauty weight loss is the need of many people, but there needs to be an effective way to lose weight so as not to affect their own health.

An effective way to lose weight at home without drugs with exercises, a healthy diet will help you lose weight quickly and without affecting your health.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking enough water according to your needs (from 1.5 to 2.5 liters of water per day) can help your body metabolize 24-30% better for 1 to 1.5 hours, thereby helping burn calories better.

Drinking water 30 minutes before a meal has the effect of helping to eat less and increase the likelihood of weight loss by up to 44%. Therefore, the simplest way to lose weight at home is to drink 1 glass of water 30 minutes before meals.

One study in 24 overweight and obese adults found that those who drank 500 ml of water before a meal reduced their calorie intake by 13% compared with those who did not.

Also, to lose weight fast, cut out sugary and high-calorie drinks. Limit drinks with a lot of sugar that cause weight gain such as soda, soft drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, sports drinks … can effectively lose weight in 1 month.

Drink green tea or coffee

Caffeine in coffee can increase metabolic activity by 3 – 11% and speed up fat burning by 10 – 29%.

If you want to lose weight at home, you should add 1-2 cups of filter coffee to your regimen every day. You should not give too much sugar when drinking and drink before 4 pm to avoid affecting sleep. Drinking coffee is a simple but effective way to lose weight when combined with a scientific diet.

Like coffee, green tea also has a small amount of caffeine that increases metabolic activity, and antioxidants in green tea combine with caffeine to increase fat burning. One to two cups of green tea a day can help you lose weight effectively.

According to research, green tea can increase energy expenditure by 4% and increase fat burning by up to 17%, especially belly fat.

Therefore, green tea water is a drink that is both healthy and beautiful for the skin, but also helps to lose weight, keep fit, help burn excess fat and remove toxins from the body.

Eat slowly, chew well

One study in 30 women found that eating slowly reduced calories by 10% on average, increased water consumption, and increased the activity of certain hormones in the body responsible for promoting feelings of fullness.

If you eat too quickly, you’ll have finished your meal before you realize you’re full. People who eat too fast have a higher risk of obesity than the average person.

Also, chew your food thoroughly when eating. Chewing thoroughly and slowly will make you eat less food, increasing the production of hormones that are beneficial for weight loss.

Get enough sleep

According to one study, nine men who were sleep-deprived for one night had significant increases in hunger and ghrelin levels. Ghrelin is a hormone that stimulates appetite. Another study of 245 women also found that the group who slept more than 7 hours a night increased the likelihood of successful weight loss by 33%.

How to lose weight effectively. You should go to bed early and sleep at least 7-8 hours a night at the same time every day. You also need to avoid electronic devices or avoid working at night to improve sleep quality and achieve weight loss goals.

Breakfast on time

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, skipping it is a huge mistake that can lead to cravings and overeating for the rest of the day.

In addition, the method of fasting to lose weight is completely wrong because when you are hungry, your metabolism will slow down making it harder for you to lose weight. You can add foods that are good for weight loss into your breakfast menu such as oatmeal, fruits, whole grain foods, etc.

Change dishes

If you want to lose weight, you can change the bowl or plate to blue. According to Dr. Charles Spence – Professor of experimental psychology at the University of Oxford, the color of the bowl or fork can reduce cravings. Blue can be likened to an appetite suppressant from the brain. This helps to eat less, leading to more effective weight loss.

In addition, you should use small cups and plates to store food, you will eat less because you feel the portion is more than usual. This makes it easier to control the amount of food you eat and can help you eat 30% less than daily.

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