Anie’s Garden: For Healthy And Beautiful Life

It’s the 13th day of quarantine period in our region and it’s also today that I finished my first month of Anie’s Garden Detox.
Nowadays, we are all trying to live healthily. We try to get rid of toxins and impurities from our bodies. And I’m happy that Koreans are giving us an option to do this by introducing detox teas. Detox using dried fruits and flowers is one of the most effective cleansing method in Korea. Fresh fruits are dehydrated according to Korean procedures and technology, keeping a high efficiency of vitamins and minerals without adding preservatives.
I’m lucky to find Anie’s Garden’s Facebook page on my feed. Because of them, I discovered detox tea. “Anie’s Garden is proud to be the first unit to provide customers with detox products using organic herbal fruits to ensure the safety of consumer’s health and to achieve the highest efficiency tested.”
© aniegarden1234 Facebook Page
Each pack contains natural dried fruits and herbs guaranteed to provide the following benefits:
toxin elimination
body purifier
weight loss
aid for healthier skin
metabolism enhancer
improvement in digestive system
improvement in blood circulation
cancer prevention
They’re presenting us a lot of benefits so I have high hopes on this one.
The box comes with a water bottle, which I find minimalist yet adorable. It has a pretty bag that helps me carry the bottle everywhere. There’s five packs of Splenda, which I don’t know how to divide since we have 28 packs of teas. And I’m sorry I’m a hater of single use plastics so you can ditch those plastic straws. I suggest to use environment-friendly straws instead.
From the scent alone, I already know that they’ll gonna taste natural and flavorful. Even after dehydrating the fruits and herbs, they were able to maintain the aroma. I remember one time when I bit the papaya. That moment made me believe that these things are real. I feel so happy to cleanse my body in a natural way.
© aniegarden1234 Facebook Page
Photos in their Facebook page are kinda alluring and different from the actual product. They look plenty but in reality, each packs consist only two to three dried stuff. I noticed that from dried appearance, the flower swells back to its original size once in water like as if they’re blooming again. I’ll try to name these flowers and fruits. Tell me if I named them wrong.
Dragon Fruit with Calendula / Dragon Fruit with Carrots and Carnation
At first, I thought that the composition was just it. But when I picked it from the fridge, the carnation was in full bloom and I was in awe. Tastewise, the flower dominated the dragon fruit but I like the flavor of this tea than the flavor of papaya tea. Both combo resembles the taste of uncooked rice that’s why I enjoyed it.
Citrus with Tomato and Chrysanthemum / Citrus with Roses
The citrus, I thought, was the best as I am a lover of sour stuff but the chrysanthemum is something I hate. It gives bitter flavor that hinders the citrus. The same goes with the roses in this citrus tea. The leaves has really strong bitter flavor. I don’t like it. The citrus is totally dry so its juices were nowhere to be found.
Pineapple with Forget Me Not and Roses / Pineapple with Goji Berry
It was the second day and I could already appreciate the distinction of each packs. This one has the less transformation since this is like water flavored with pineapple. But this is my fave among the five kinds. It has bitterness at the end which identifies the flavor of the flowers. There isn’t much to see here compared to others.
Papaya with Amaranth / Papaya with Pandan
Papaya was the main attraction but i recognized the flavors of amaranth and its leaves more. Even the color of water follows the pinkness of the amaranth. Adding pandan into this package is a wise idea. When I first purchased a box, it wasn’t there yet so I was surprised to see the pandan leaves on my second purchase. I immediately tried it and loved it.
Apple with Rose and Butterfly Pea /
Apple with Hibiscus and Tomato
This time, the rose and butterfly pea blossomed because the apple has lost its flavor due to dehydration. But compared to pineapple, the flavor of this tea lasts longer. The tomato was tasty as well while the hibiscus immediately gave color to the water. The latter is really sour but better than the bitter apple-rose-butterfly pea combo.

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